Guide to Successful SEC Whistleblower Claims

Whistleblowers with May be Eligible for a Cash Award for Reporting Financial Misconduct of a Public Company

Let’s face it: The Securities and Exchange Commission “SEC” exists because cheating exists. Insider trading, “pump and dump” schemes, Ponzi schemes, and other varieties of fraud victimize thousands of investors each year. This federal government agency is responsible for regulating fair and honest trades on US stock exchanges.

Since whistleblowing is vital to regulatory enforcement, Congress created the SEC whistleblower program in 2010, authorizing cash rewards for unique and helpful information related to securities fraud. In just 10 years, the SEC whistleblower program has received more than 33,300 tips, leading to $2 billion in sanctions for violations, and more than $500 million in rewards to whistleblowers. 

Guide to Successful SEC Whistleblower Claims

What's in the eBook?

  • SEC Whistleblower Rules
  • 10 Steps for Filing Your Claim
  • How to Get a Cash Award
  • Successful Claim Tips

The SEC only accepts cases with a potential for a million-dollar-plus recovery. An experienced attorney can help you build a case that will get the SEC’s attention by advising you on the type of evidence you must assemble. Finally, the SEC whistleblower program has some of the most robust protections available, but to remain anonymous, you must have attorney representation.

An SEC Whistleblower’s Guide to Report Fraud & Maximize a Cash Award

  • 1 Selecting the correct whistleblower program
  • 2 Identifying relevant evidence and protecting your claim
  • 3 Navigating the whistleblower claims process
  • 4 Maximizing your cash award
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