HOCHFELSEN & KANI is a Newport Beach, California based, business litigation firm that assists small and mid-size businesses and individuals with high-stakes legal conflicts.

Serving clients throughout Southern California, our law firm handles a wide range of business and employment disputes and we represent whistleblowers in healthcare, government procurement, and financial cases. Insurance coverage and bad faith litigation are also areas where we have deep and successful experience.​

Founded and led by lawyers Steve Hochfelsen and David Kani, our firm of highly skilled trial lawyers handles all manner of business torts, including fraud, breach of contract, breach of warranty and defamation/libel, in addition to unfair competition, employment conflicts, and trade secrets disputes.​

We’ve taken on the country’s largest insurance companies in bad faith litigation, securing substantial damages for companies whose claims were wrongfully denied.​

We serve businesses across all industries including their real estate and commercial lease disputes, and purchase - sale disagreements. For individuals we take on premises liability, whistleblower - qui tam, and insurance bad faith cases.​

If you or your company is facing one of these or other legal issues, Hochfelsen & Kani can help.​

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Why People and Companies Choose Us​

Businesses throughout Southern California have turned to Hochfelsen & Kani for their do-or-die legal disputes. Our clients choose us for these reasons:​

  • Advance trial preparation. Although we frequently secure positive settlements for our clients, we prepare for every case as if it will go to trial. Our thorough investigations and industry specific experts not only increase the chance of a successful verdict, but often prevent a trial in the first place. ​
  • Business Experience. We know what works. Our firm has helped hundreds of businesses resolve their most pressing legal matters, and we have a deep understanding of the strategies that help them succeed​
  • Thought leadership. Our lawyers are published authors and legal commentators who are often called upon by the media for their business litigation expertise. We’ve earned the respect of our peers and our clients alike.​
  • Positive results. Whatever our clients’ goals are, we do everything we can to reach them. More often than not, that means achieving favorable settlements and verdicts. ​

Our Successful Track Record​

Our track record speaks for itself. Since Hochfelsen & Kani’s founding here in Orange County, California and before, some of our successes include:​

  • Obtained a defense verdict after a month-long trial, in which the plaintiff sought $13.5 million for alleged fraud and breach of contract;​
  • Secured a $9.5 million judgment against a negligent contractor, and later won an appeal on the same case;​
  • Achieved a favorable settlement on behalf of a client whose insurance company had acted in bad faith;​
  • Attained a $1.6 million judgment against a seller who had concealed facts during the sale of a shopping center;​
  • Obtained a complete dismissal of a fraud and breach of contract case against a manufacturing company; and ​
  • Secured a defense verdict and successful appeal in a case where corporate directors tried to oust members of the board. ​

If you have a high-stakes business dispute requiring aggressive trial lawyers, we may be able to help you achieve similar results. ​

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