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Have You Been Accused of a California Business Tort? Has Your Orange County Business Been Wrongfully Harmed?

Our skilled Southern California business tort (civil, not criminal, wrong that harms a business) will aggressively protect your financial interests and maximize the outcome of your case

California executives, businesses, employees, and shareholders work together to generate success for themselves and their consumers. But when people or companies misrepresent facts, steal trade secrets, interfere with contracts, generate unfair competition, or falsely accuse another company of fraud, serious financial damage and reputational harm can result.

Losses caused by business fraud may have already occurred. Maybe your San Bernardino or Orange County company hasn’t suffered damage yet, but you suspect an act of defamation will cause future losses. Perhaps your San Diego business is being falsely accused of wrongful (tortious) interference with contractual relations or deceptive business practices.

All of these scenarios require a skilled legal advocate to proactively safeguard your company’s reputation and future. Commercial disputes involving business torts are often highly complex cases involving multiple parties and agreements. Only the guidance of a skilled, experienced California business torts lawyer can fully protect your rights and economic interests.

Whether seeking damages in a business tort lawsuit or looking for an aggressive defense against business tort allegations, our experienced Orange County business trial lawyers at Hochfelsen & Kani, LLP are prepared to maximize the outcome of your case.

Our California business lawyers protect the rights and financial interests of people or companies involved in business tort lawsuits. At Hochfelsen & Kani LLP, our Newport Beach-based business trial attorneys work diligently to:

  • Build a compelling case supporting your claims
  • Seek immediate injunction to stop wrongdoing
  • Negotiate smart solutions in alternative dispute resolution
  • Defend your business against false harm allegations
  • Pursue maximum financial recovery of damages lost to fraud, false statements, and other misconduct

Protect your interests from the moment you suspect harm. Wait too long and you could face mounting financial and professional damage.

If you’re involved in a California business tort dispute, contact us today.

Most Common Types of California Commercial or Economic Tort Cases

Our Orange County business litigators handle a wide range of tort cases from minor misrepresentations to multimillion-dollar schemes.

What is a California business or commercial tort?

A business tort (or economic tort) is any wrongful act committed by or against a business that causes harm.

This could be financial harm, damage to economic prospects, damage to reputation, or damage to business interests and opportunities.

Our commercial tort trial attorneys at Hochfelsen & Kani, LLP have a proven record of success handling some of California’s most complex business cases.

For some examples, our Orange County business lawyers pursue prompt, maximum recovery for corporate clients in business tort cases involving:

  • Abuse of power
  • Aiding and abetting
  • Antitrust law violations
  • Asset misappropriation
  • Bad faith
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Bribery
  • Check forgery
  • Conspiracy
  • Conversion
  • Corruption
  • Deceptive business practices
  • Deceptive trade practices
  • Defamation, libel, slander, commercial disparagement
  • Divulging confidential or internal communications
  • Embezzlement
  • False advertising
  • Fictitious stock transfers
  • Financial statement fraud
  • Fraud in the inducement of a contract
  • Fraudulent conveyances
  • Inaccurate income reports
  • Increased year-end bonuses
  • Inventory theft
  • Loss of business opportunities
  • Manipulation of contracts
  • Negligent misrepresentation
  • Payoffs and kickbacks
  • Payroll fraud
  • RICO violations
  • Stealing trade secrets
  • Substitution of inferior goods
  • Tax evasion
  • Theft of money
  • Tortious interference with business relationships
  • Tortious interference with contracts
  • Tortious interference with expectation
  • Unfair competition
  • Unfair trade practices
  • Unjust enrichment

The attorneys of Hochfelsen & Kani, LLP serve both plaintiffs and defendants involved in fraud and business tort disputes.

Backed by more than five decades of combined experience, our lawyers provide aggressive representation to help clients swiftly recover from their legal dispute. If you’re involved in a California business dispute, contact us today.

What Remedies are Available in California for Business Wrongs?

Business tort laws offer remedies for individuals and businesses that suffer harm as a result of misconduct. In addition to economic damages, business tort lawsuits may impose punitive damages to discourage further misconduct.

Other remedies are also available depending on the facts of each case.

In emergency tort cases, our legal team may seek a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction to stop the wrongdoing. In cases of theft, including theft of trade secrets, a harmed party could potentially collect three times the amount of economic damages plus attorneys’ fees and other compensation unique to the case.

Many people don’t know that business agreements impacted by fraud may be voided. Here, the plaintiff must show that the defendant knowingly made a false statement (or omission) of material fact intending to induce the plaintiff into the agreement. The plaintiff must also show that they reasonably relied on that statement in deciding to enter the deal and, as a result, suffered harm. Both of those things being true (and proven), the remedy of voiding the contract is readily available.

Remedies are also available for unintentional false statements – often called negligent misrepresentation.

Here, the plaintiff doesn’t have to show that the defendant knew the statement was false. Just the presence of a false statement or misrepresentation in a business transaction can result in the agreement being voided and the plaintiff collecting relevant damages.

Our Orange County business tort litigation attorneys are prepared to seek the maximum available recovery for our clients. When working on these cases, we assemble a skilled team of professionals to support our clients' legal position. In addition to our own litigators, we routinely work with financial analysts and forensic accountants who consult on evidence, trial preparation, and provide expert testimony if the case goes to trial.

We work to resolve your case promptly while minimizing legal expenses. Our business tort attorneys explore all available options. Many business tort cases can be resolved successfully for our clients via negotiations, mediation, or arbitration. However we are always fully equipped and ready to aggressively litigate your case before a jury in state or federal court.

How the Commercial Tort Litigation Lawyers at Hochfelsen & Kani Will Help

California business tort claims are among the most complex types of business disputes. It is important to retain a highly qualified business litigation law firm with extensive experience handling high-stakes corporate tort lawsuits.

Our Southern California business attorneys are equipped to aggressively pursue or defend the most complex of business tort lawsuits. Clients tell us they select us for these reasons (among others):

  • Hard-earned reputation for sophisticated negotiation and skilled litigation
  • Powerful advocates for corporate rights and economic interests
  • Optimize results both in and out of the courtroom
  • Strategic defense tactics safeguard clients facing tort allegations
  • Maximize recovery for victims of business fraud and other misconduct

If you are involved in a California business tort case, you deserve the best legal representation available.

Located in Newport Beach, California, we represent professional groups, Fortune 500 corporations, start-ups, small businesses, and individuals in Los Angeles, Orange County, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Francisco, San Jose, Silicon Valley, and across the state of California.

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