Keeping the Business Playing Field Level

What one small or midsize business considers an effective marketing strategy in a competitive business environment may be viewed as an unfair practice by another business competing for the same customer base. The laws regarding trade secrets, distribution agreements, franchise rights and deceptive advertising in Southern California are complex. If your small or midsize private business is involved in a dispute over unfair competition, talk to the lawyers at Hochfelsen & Kani, LLP, in Newport Beach.

Mediation and Arbitration When Possible. Prepared for Trial When Necessary.

Our attorneys have an exceptional record of successfully resolving complex contract and commercial litigation cases cost-effectively and efficiently. Whenever possible, we seek to find common-sense solutions through mediation or arbitration, to help you get your mind — and your budget — back on your business operations. However, we also know that reaching the right settlement in negotiations begins by coming to table prepared to win in court. We start every case with a thorough examination of the facts and an in-depth discussion regarding the strategies that will help our clients get the best possible outcome.

Our attorneys have a record of successful litigation and dispute resolutions in unfair competition disputes involving:

  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • Deceptive advertising
  • Breach of agreements not to compete
  • Distribution and sales territory disputes

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