Do You Need to Take Your Case to Mediation or Arbitration?

Although we are skilled litigators, at Hochfelsen & Kani, LLP, we recognize that not every business dispute requires a costly trial to achieve favorable results. In fact, many cases argued in court will not produce the desired outcomes of either party.

When appropriate, our Orange County business mediation attorneys advocate for the use of alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) to resolve our clients' legal disputes. Representing clients in both mediation and arbitration, we advocate for these cost-effective and constructive approaches in order to save our clients the time and money associated with a trial. During ADR, we also help our clients retain valuable control over the outcome of their case, which might otherwise be lost during full-blown litigation.

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The Benefits of Mediation

  • Mediator is an impartial third party who will facilitate discussions
  • Less time-consuming and more cost-effective than trial
  • Greater deal of control over outcome
  • Mutually agreed-upon terms
  • High level of successful resolutions
  • Preserves important business relationships
  • Parties have the option of proceeding to trial if negotiation attempts fail
  • Mediation proceedings can remain confidential and are not public record

The Benefits of Arbitration

  • Arbitrator is an impartial third party who will render a verdict
  • Less time-consuming and more cost-effective than trial
  • Less formal structure than a trial
  • Rules of evidence are more relaxed
  • Verdicts may be binding, limiting timely and costly appeals
  • Non-binding verdicts allow for flexibility
  • Arbitration proceedings can remain confidential and are not public record

If trial is the best option: While mediation and arbitration are both valuable forms of alternative dispute resolution, sometimes the only remaining option is a trial. Our Newport Beach business mediation attorneys provide strong representation both in and out of court and are committed to achieving favorable results at all times.

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