We Handle Complex Litigation Appeals

The attorneys of Hochfelsen & Kani, LLP, serve appellants and respondents in all post-trial matters brought in both state and federal courts. With more than 100 appeals collectively, our lawyers have often been retained by clients who felt their original trial lawyer was not adequately suited for the appeals phase.

Understanding the Appeals Process

It is important for clients to understand that the appeals process is vastly different from the original trial. While a trial is about establishing the facts or evidence of a case, appeals are concerned with whether a trial judge misinterpreted the law when forming his or her verdict. During appeals, procedural rules also differ greatly from those of a trial and often a verdict is presented after only one written brief and a single oral argument.

The Orange County appeals lawyers at Hochfelsen & Kani, LLP, have the necessary skills and experience to ensure our client's best interests are being protected during the appellate process. We conduct a thorough review of the original trial records and extract all issues that are subject to appeal. Through an advanced knowledge of legal principles, we identify mistakes in the trial court's ruling. Excelling in both written and oral arguments, our lawyers are well-positioned to protect our clients during appeals. Contact us and tell us about your potential appeal.

Attorney Steven Hochfelsen began his career writing appellate briefs for the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii. Having an inside knowledge of the appeals process serves as a powerful foundation for our current appeals work.

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